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5 kw solar system is a designed to make firm house, shops, offices to be self dependent on energy. It is a preferred choice for customers having frequent power cuts in home and commercial shops. It generates 25 kwh / units a day using sun power, batteries are provide for power storage and it stores 15000 watt hour of electricity to be used at night or in emergency.

  • 25 units generation every day
  • 500 sq feet rooftop space required for installation.
  • 7400 kW Avg Production per annum.
  • $1100 – $1300 Savings per annum.



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17 – 19 Mono-Black Panels 25 Years Panel Linear warranty CEC Accredited products
5 kW Inverter 10-year Inverter Warranty CEC Accredited Installer
Rails & Mounting 5-year Performance Warranty 7400 kW Avg Production per annum
Wifi Monitoring 10 Year Mounting Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

$1100 – $1300 Savings per annum



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