The NSW Government has recently approved a new $135 million solar facility in West Wyalong.

Solar farm


Executive Director of Energy and Resource Assessments, Mike Young, said the project will generate up to 300 jobs during the construction phase, and provide around 90MW of clean, renewable energy.

“The West Wyalong solar farm will add to the growing hub of solar energy projects in the Riverina, bringing a fresh boost to the economy and diversifying industry in the region.

“Since 2017 the Government has approved a total of 30 solar projects across the State, that have the potential to provide nearly 5000 construction jobs in the regions and support around $5.8 billion of investment in regional NSW.

“These solar projects have already contributed to the economies of communities throughout the Riverina and are also supporting the creation of a thriving renewable energy industry in NSW.”

The project includes a battery storage facility which will store solar energy for dispatch into the grid outside of daylight hours and during periods of peak demand, improving stability and reliability across the network.

“The West Wyalong Solar Farm has the potential to save up to 190,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing NSW’s overall emissions and powering more homes with renewable energy,” Mr Young said.

The state significant project has been assessed in line with the government’s Large-Scale Solar Guideline, introduced last year to ensure clear and consistent guidance to the community and industry.

The project has been approved with strict conditions to ensure the local community and environment are protected, including conditions relating to traffic on local roads, managing construction activities on the site and landscaping to minimise any visual impacts.


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